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Identifying and reaching your goals with support and encouragement.

About Me


 I have been working in the health and wellness field for over 25 years.

Beginning a career in recreation with dually diagnosed individuals, prompted a desire for more education to better understand the emotional component to wellbeing. This led me to pursue a Masters degree in Counseling, complementing my teaching degree in Physical Education. 

My journey led me to work with individuals to overcome dysfunction, set goals and identify obstacles that may be blocking progress towards their best self.

Studying the relationship with self and interaction with others became a passion.

Eventually I went back to school to study massage therapy and have been working as a Licensed Massage Therapist for 15 years, encouraging and assisting individuals in achieve optimal physical and emotional wellness.

I have been fortunate to work in many different situations, hospitals, schools, wellness centers, and private offices with varying individuals.


Approaching my own goals, I examine my strengths, challenges, faults and beliefs so I can continue to evolve and become my best self.

Understanding and fostering the relationship with myself has allowed me to experience varying depths of intimacy.

I am a mom, been married and divorced, and  have worked both outside the home and spent some time at home with my children. Challenges in the form of situations or people have provided me the opportunities to face the obstacles that keep my truest self hidden.

I love being active and trying new things, whether food or experiences. Travel is a must, as seeing more of the world opens my mind and heart to  believe anything is possible, and possibilities are endless!

What I Offer

First and foremost I want to provide a source for nonjudgmental support and accountability through relationship coaching. My experiences and education have allowed me to develop skills in communication, intention identification, problem solving and goal achievement.

My specializations include, relationships (parent/child, boss/employee, friendships, partnerships), emotional stabilization and spiritual discovery which I believe necessary for any relationship.

Using a myriad of resources and one on one contact, you are guided towards intention identification and goal planning.

I will stay in touch in whichever method or combination works best for you, in person, text, email, Skype or phone.

Service Focus

Relationship with Self

This is the first and foremost relationship that needs to be strengthened.

Every connection will extend from this vital point of origin.

Relationships with other Adults

Whether a lover, spouse, friend, coworker or boss it is important to define personal needs and agree upon the rules of the relationship.

Relationship between a Parent and Child

This is one of the most precious relationships and can be very difficult to navigate the ins and outs of this dynamic. Family counseling can assist with this process no matter the ages.

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